Good Food: The Granary & Justines

I love living in Central Texas. There are two major cities less than an hour away from each other and an exceeding amount of culture between the two of them. The people are incredible and the things to do are endless. I never thought I would love it here before moving and it has honestly taken me by surprise how much I enjoy it. Among the great things that characterize this area is the food. Austin and San Antonio both have amazing places to eat and lately I have been frequenting them.  My two latest are Justines in Austin, Texas and The Granary in San Antonio.



IMG_0350This place is French restaurant and so delicious. I ordered the scallops and honestly they were the best I’ve had for a while. Highly recommendable. They are located at 4710 East 5th Street, Austin, TX

The Granary



Located in the Pearl district, The Granary has a original take on barbecue. They even had some with ramen. If you want a new spin on Texas food come here and be ready to have your taste buds explode. Granary is located at 602 Avenue A, San Antonio, TX 78215

Thoughts on Commuting. #1

I have commuted my whole life. From Mexico to the United States everyday for almost 18 years. Once I moved to central Texas I decided that never again. Obviously, my wanderlust spirit only took it for three years and now u am doing it from San Marcos to Austin every other day.
It is painful because people here don’t know how to drive. I waste approximately five hours of my life a week in traffic. It has obviously given me a lot of thinking time. This, is quite a sad thought.

The only thing I’ve enjoyed about it is how I am a high powered public relations practitioner in the morning. And then, when things start getting too real I have to go back to class to my life as a student. perfect transition


Makeup: Marc Jacobs Eyeliner

Guys, I am obsessed with a product and I think it has changed my life. I am talking about the Magic Marc’er Precision Pen. It’s so good I have learned to do my own cat eye wing tip. The secret is the felt tip that will dry extremely dark. At first it is hard to get used to due to the thickness of the pen, but once you get the hang of it you won’t stop. It is a hefty price but if you are eyeliner inclined it is definitely worth the splurge.

{Shown here with my new Revlon Parfumerie nail polish in Wintermint}

Peter Pilotto for Target

This is another opinion of Peter Pilotto for Target from yet another collaboration obsessed individual. I don’t claim to be different. I, along who thousands of other women, have been purchasing from the Target collaboration since they first appeared with Isaac Mizrahi, then Fiorucci then when it became official with Luella. So I’ve been around the block. These collaborations have been a part of my developing years and key in my wardrobe. Whenever I go thrifting I ALWAYS find a relic from a collection and will most likely purchase it. The only difference between Phillip Lim and Peter Pilotto with the rest of the collaborations is my style has evolved and probably will stay like this.

Since my summer in New York I now gravitate toward neutrals and basic with lots and lots of black. A style that was very present in the Phillip Lim collection. Crazy prints just don’t do it for me anymore like they used to; so naturally this collection was something I didn’t really obsesses over. I did however love the red black and white geometric print and all the dresses this entailed. I must however clarify that I have not sworn off prints, I am only more selective of them.

With that said, I stayed up late to purchase the color block blazer which I knew from experience would sell out right away. Thanks to The Key to Chic (whom I follow since about four years back) I found out that some pieces were online if you searched rather than await the link on the Peter Pilotto site. Low and behold I found the treasure and decided to only purchase the blazer and the red floral check print dress.

Being a Target obsessed human being, I naturally still headed to the store the next morning and only tried these four items:

Peter Pilotto® for Target® Dress -Red Floral Print

photo 1I really  liked this dress and the concept of the fit but I wasn’t really keen on belting it every time I wore it. I don’t think this is the best dress for a curvy girl like me so I passed. The fabric was pleasant and the colors were vibrant. Definitely something to consider when on sale.

Peter Pilotto® for Target® Belted Dress -Red Floral/Check Print


So I panicked because I read negative reviews about this dress and I had already bought it. Well, I disagree with the negative comments because this is honestly a fantastic dress. It cinched at the waist, tucked under the arms and gave me an hour glass shape. I think this is a good dress for all the girls with curves out there. The checkers at the side definitely make you look slimmer. I took it in a size 6 and it fit like a glove.

Peter Pilotto® for Target® Pencil Skirt -Light Blue Floral/Check Print


With my college student budget, a $35 dollar skirt must be something that I will use well after I graduate. I loved the print of this skirt and thought the bottom panel was flattering (made my butt look cool!) but ultimately decided against it. Would this be a skirt I would want to wear in a year? I decided against it. I thought the button with Peter Pilotto in the back was gorgeous.

Peter Pilotto® for Target® Skirt -Black/White Print

photo 3

I was very convinced I was going to buy this skirt when I saw it from the lookbook. It was black and white and with a fabulous checkered patter in the back. Once I saw it in person though, sadly it was another story. The fabric has a pebble treatment to it which I have never been a fan of and really thought of the longevity of a symmetrical skirt trend. I though the skirt was comfortable but a little too tight up front. If you enjoyed the prints in the collection but they were a bit too strong for your taste, this is definitely a good taste to take.

Final Thoughts:

This collaboration was very similar to the Prabal Gurung line in my opinion. The prints are gorgeous and very loud which when worn after a while can be easily identifiable and hard to continue wearing. Today on campus I saw three girls with the sweatshirts from this collection already. Since I am a fashion student I am surrounded with girls who equally love collaboration lines so we all end up wearing the same things. I think that was the secret to Phillip Lim’s collection (in my opinion, one of the top three collaborations Target has made) : they were all basics with a twist. They were pieces that you can wear at least four seasons later and they still look fresh. But after all, what this is fast fashion and Target continues to rule the scene.

Valentines Day Smoothie

Whole Foods has managed to blow my
Mind again with seemingly unhealthy products made nutritional. Case in point; this smoothie. Strawberries with chocolate smoothie and you can taste the freshness to your core. Order it a thousand times before valentines day at your local hipster market. The end.


Twitter 2.0

I’ve decided to use this website as a haven for my mundane thoughts. I am after all paying for it so might as well use it. Ironic because I keep all my social media settings in private so this is quite a paradox. But oh well. I figure if you’re reading this you find me somewhat interesting.

disclaimer; this in no way will be a frequent thing.

January Shoe Haul

I kind of went a little crazy this January and bought a few shoes. I dont usually buy this many in one month but my parents contributed their fair share and well it was my birthday month.

Louie et Cie


Sam & Libby



IMG_6126[I know, these MIA and the ones on top look really similar. But come on! They have spikes!




And last but not least, these insane loafers from Chicwish. How crazy is the notched heel?! I am obsessed it makes me feel like a modern day pilgrim. A pilgrim meets Alexa Chung. Seriously head over to their website for some really crazy cool items.


Last Style Guru Bio

This is my last Style Guru Bio for CollegeFashionista :( I am about to graduate so this is my last semester. Here is my very awkward last post. Head over to their website for the complete article.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailHello Fashionistos! My name is Stephania Lara-Cuellar and I am delighted to return as a Style Guru for Texas State University this spring semester. I am a senior majoring in Public Relations with a double minor in Fashion Merchandising and History. This is my last semester both at CollegeFashionista as well as in college and I am so nostalgic.

In my year and a half as a Style Guru I have sharpened my eye to notice the beauty of the style that surrounds me. I have learned that good style transcends the test of time and extends far beyond clothing. It is an attitude, it is an ideology or it is as simple as a your grandfather’s old sweater. There are no rules for style, and usually those that break them are the ones that stand out the most.

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to live in New York City. And though it was but a short two months, the impact was prodigious. The ability to be surrounded by so much art can have ever lasting effects. The entire summer was spent marveling at every glorious piece that shapes the Big Apple. This of course, restructured my own personal style.

My personal style will always be an evolving process. I love to learn about new things and incorporate them into my attire. I am far more inspired by the enduring presence of architecture than fleeting trends. I also take to Mexican and French film, music and fashion because those styles still rule large today.

I am an eternally curious human being who finds the world fascinating. CollegeFashionsita has given me a platform to observe the behaviors in trends. I will be back to STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK and I don’t think I could have chosen a better column for my last semester. I vow to each week bring the great style that the Greater Austin area has to offer. Let the last semester begin!


The following is a blog post I wrote for CollegeFashionista You can read this at their website which you can find here.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgAs we all know, labels can be a tricky situation. They are usually beautiful products that make it desirable to all Fashionista/os. But because of this same issue, many style mavericks flee from them in order to stay original.

Enter today’s Fashionista. She is wearing a classic Michael Kors patterned bag with her attention-grabbing print. But what caught my attention was the unusual shape of the bag. As we were speaking, she informed me that this particular model was part of the original collection and therefore a vintage Michael Kors bag. If you notice the color and details, it is much more different to the current ones and to this Fashionista, her ideal MK purse.

There really isn’t anything wrong in wanting a product that is seen frequently around campus. I mean, there is a reason why they are so popular to begin with; the secret is to find one that identify with and fits your personality.

If the original Michael Kors are more your style, eBay has a huge selection as well as Etsy. Thoroughly look for one that matches your wardrobe and watch out for fakes!

The purse wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention here. In these looming finals weeks it is inevitable that your book hauling will be heavier. Give your fab purse a break and take a cute tote so you can lug around all those heavy boots. Our true to the name Fashionista is a supporter of all things fashion. Her tote is a support to the New York Garment district where in the purchase of one you help save the birthplace of our passion beloved reader. Purchase one here.

And because I am a strong advocate of accessories setting you apart from the rest, I enjoyed our Fashionista jewelry collection. Her earrings are the perfect mix of dainty and bold. Tory Burchhas a similar pair that fits the exact qualifications. And my personal favorite touch, a Marc by Marc Jacobs, because there is nothing as chic and affordable for a college student as a watch from Marc Jacobs.

And this my dear readers is how you pull off labels without looking like the rest.

Check out how to recreate this look with eBay here.

Spotted: A personal fan of vintage Michael Kors, I leave you here with his oldest and first runway show.